Here are Top 10 Fitness Trends to follow in 2015 for a fit and healthy body by Fitness Expert Neeraj Mehta

Fitness industryIMG_1911 is on rage like never before. People are becoming more aware of their health and body. There has been a change in the stereotype thinking about exercising. People are finally able to understand that exercising is more than just body-building . Working Out has started becoming the part of every day’s life. Joining a Boutique fitness studio is the new trend. Even in corporate culture, Many Multi National Companies has also started to understand the benefits of their employees being fit, as a result Gyms are now an important place in a company’s infrastructure. In Schools as well, fitness classes are must to attend for children. With all this awareness, now it is a challenge for Fitness Gurus to design programs or techniques which are less time consuming, Give faster results, exciting, and keep you engage as well…

  1. BMXStrength® training- This technique is on a boom these days not only nationally, but on an international level as well. The most innovative part of BMXStrength® training is that it focuses on biomechanical movements of the body while exercising, to ensure you get the maximum results, but without any pain to joints. At the same time, it ensures that the ligaments and tendons of the joints remain stress-free and thus, pain free.

    BMX strength 1

    BMX Strength

  2. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)- Interval training is considered to be the best workout if you want to lose weight. Intensive interval training is focused on breaking the target muscles at a very high intensity for a shorter duration.
  3. BMX Cross Fit- Cross Fit is a High Intensity Training Technique, which is included of functional movements with an aim of strengthen the muscles and Body conditioning. BMX Cross Fit is an enhanced version of Cross Fit, where in techniques have been refined to work along the biomechanics of one’s body.
  4. SteelFlexx ®- This technique can take your level of flexibility to another level. camel pose steelflexDon’t confuse this with traditional yoga postures. This flexibility training technique is a combined form of yoga stretches, correct biomechanics movements, breathing patterns, props such as dumbbells, barbells or any other external weight load.
  5. Gladiator Workout- Gladiator workout is another form of body weight training mixed with combat training (fights and self defense moves). If working out on the machines appears a little monotonous to you, then this technique is definitely for you. These require a lot stamina and energy, but the result is also worth it. This workout can improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, speed and body balance.”
  6. BMX CoreBlast- Having a lean abdomen is usually everyone’s preference while setting fitness goals. Dr. Neeraj Mehta has introduced this technique based workout which will help you in strengthening your core muscles. If you want to get those Pecs on your abdomen , you definitely gonna have to take those crunches to a different level. BMXCoreBlast focuses on the right body posture and movements while isolating the core and abdominal muscles.
  7. Rig Workout- If you like experimenting with your workout routine, Try working out on a Rig. At first it may seem like a simple warm up session to you, but believe me, climbing and getting down from that monkey bar will make you break a sweat like never before.
  8. TABATA- Tabata is one of the most intensive form of exercise, done in a short period of time. This technique is specially dtriangle pose steelflexesigned for people who struggle with their busy schedule to find time for exercising. “4 mins is all you need,” Tabata is basically a very high intensity cardio workout, wherein you choose any cardio activity such as jumping, running etc.
  9. Recreational Fitness- Going to a park for evening or early morning walk can be a good idea. You can also do light cardio workout such as skipping, jumping jacks, cycling, your choice; really. Outdoor fitness activities work in your favor in so many ways. First, they are exciting, second, the idea of getting close to nature peaces your mind; third, you can make friends. Being in the group with same interest will always keep you motivated.
  10. Floating Yoga- Yoga poses are clinically proven to be very effective, in having an up to the mark fitness level. Floating yoga is a technique wherein all yoga postures, meditation are performed with your legs firmly tied with stirrups in the air and you have to balance your body with suspension bends, following proper breathing pattern. It requires concentration and a great coordination of body and mind, two most important factors while exercising. Floating yoga not only helps you getting in better shape, but also helps you in increasing your concentration power.

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