Five things to keep in mind while shopping for the bride by Sheena Agarwaal

  1. Sheena Agarwaal

    Sheena Agarwaal, Image Consultant, Urbanista Image Consultancy.

    Keep in mind the bride’s personal style: Wedding Attire today is getting extremely experimental. While being trendy is fine, one should always remember what the bride would be happier pulling off! Get her heart to translate her look.

  2. Colours that flatter: Rose Pink, Tango Pink and Champagne Pinkare all pretty, but you need to know how they sit on the bride. Check the temperature of the colour and align it with that of the bride’s.
  3. Think about the Hair: There should consistencyValentines-Day-dinner-007 in the way the garment and the hairdo fall. Always keep in mind the possibilities before zeroing on a garment.
  4.  Intensity of the Garment: Indian Bridal Wear is extremely elaborate and more often than not with a very high intensity. When choosing a garment, keep in mind how much intensity can the bride carry by means of makeup and jewelry. Pale skin or petite frames often carry only so much and risk getting lost in the razzmatazz.
  5.  Account for Body Type and Weight Fluctuations: Often a very stressful time for a bride, many have experienceShopping for a brided weight gain/loss before D-Day. When buying attire, account for such variation with possibilities of alteration and also remember the body shape of the bride. It will allow you to figure where the possible weight gain, if at all, will happen.

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