Gift him a gift that is as unique as him!


Moroccan Shirt

In the midst of all the lovely things our men do for the entire year, let’s do something special and unique for them.

We can only imagine the pain, if you have landed the fussiest dresser ever! If he is the man who is extra particular about minutest details of what goes on him, then we are here to your rescue.

16 Stitches 2

Here is you way to get him that perfect shirt with all he ever wanted, design a shirt from a wide range of high quality fabrics and select prints like cocktail, polka dots, pinstripes, plaid, gingham checks, Moroccan magic and many more.

16 Stitches 1

16 Stitches

Why is it different from your locally tailored thing,firstly because you can also  personalize mount of details, like button hole thread color and contrast fabrics for the collars, cuffs and secondly for the are also offering free monogram service for your loved one on their customized shirts till the 14th of Feb.

Available –


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