Do we still need a Special Day?

This International Women’s Day The Desi Divas asks eleven women from all walks of life, “If we are talking gender equality then do we really need an International Women’s Day in 2017?” & a quote you swear by as a woman. Here’s what they said…

  • DJ Barkha Kaul, Delhi’s most popular female DJ

DJ Barkha Kaul

Women still need to fight for her rights. In fact if we look at the larger prospective then women has a bigger role to play in society then men. International Women’s Day is celebrated to give importance to every lady for being what she is n I think it’s a great move because every woman deserves it.

I swear by woman for being a mother. From giving us birth to getting us settled in life they have done it all. We know the compromises they have done to give us the best life, the caring and warmth a mother has for her children is incomparable.

  • Ms. Zeenia Master, CEO of Xenia Hospitality Solutions

    Zeenia Master - CEO of Xenia hospitality solutions

This day is a day to take stock of all the sacrifices women have made in the past so that we can enjoy privileges and freedom today. A day to reflect and be thankful for everything they have given us. The resilience and character we have shown over the years where we have stared at adversity in the face unblinkingly.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me – It’s who is going to stop me” Ayn Rand (Novelist, play writer and philosopher)

  • Ms. Rosmin Kunnathottathil, Co-Founder of The Lingerie Store

Rosmin Kunnathottathil Co Founder TLS

Equality required translates to equality in opportunities at work, at school, at home. Equality translates to equality in respect to your fellow human being, be it a male or a female. It is this awareness of self and social acceptance of being a woman, that we hope to spread, during this Women’s Day.

Let’s free our minds from any self-proclaimed boundaries and strongly believe, that my beautiful differences don’t make me a lesser human being that the other. I am the other half of creation, an equal partner in ALL.

  • Ms. Mitali Hough Srivastava, Co-Founder & Partner at Utopeia Communicationz 

Mitali Hough Srivastava

In my opinion, the battle for gender equality has just begun. It’s not about revolutionaries who are few and radical like our predecessors. It’s a movement now that is spreading like wild fire across the world in every home and on every street. We continue to need a day where the world is forced to celebrate, support and hear about women and their issues. It’s great to say that every day should be a women’s day but the truth is that we are still miles away from gender equality across the world. Our fight has just become more vocal and more visible. But it’s not over yet.

Expand your definition of family. It could be your friends, your colleagues or your life partner. It’s not because you are weak and need more people to rally around you. It’s because true happiness at home and at work can only be achieved when you feel that you have not compromised in life. And family is that wonderful foil that ensures that you don’t feel any sort of guilt and don’t get pressured into sacrificing your dreams or compromising in your life.

  • Ms. Mitali Tandon , Co Founder of  Morning Fresh

Morning Fresh - Mitali Tandon, Co Founder

Women have been and continue to do so much at home, at work, in relationships etc that we need to celebrate, encourage and grow on a consistent basis. While I appreciate the sentiment behind marking this day, the real celebrations are the every-day things that we can do to empower women more.

“Nothing worth having comes easy” – particularly relevant to women that feel the added pressure to find “balance” in their dynamic lives. But if a woman sets her mind to something and doesn’t stop dreaming, then nothing can stop her.

  • Ms. Jai Madaan, India’s Top Celebrity Astrologer, Vastu Expert & Tarot Card Reader

    Ms. Jai Madaan

We still need an International Women’s Day to achieve full gender equality for women in the world – has still not been realized. A major chunk of women population across India & the world is still incompetent to reach their full potential. They still lack access to a proper education, health & sanitation facilities, safe living conditions and career opportunities. The struggle for equality is only just a beginning – Our work is far from done.

“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” – Golda Meir

  • Ms. Shaheen Khan, Co-Founder of Cedp Skill Institute

    shaheen khan

It is still a man’s world. Because we don’t celebrate who we are enough, the power of balance is still MALE heavy. Whether it be the lack of female CEO’s at a corporate company, or being shunned for quitting yoga and taking up kick boxing. There is a constant stereotype that women cannot be anything more than just that, a woman.

BECAUSE WOMEN ARE INCREDIBLE…We need to believe in ourselves a little bit more.

  • Ms. Anuradha Karthik,  Founder/Branding, Marketing and Relationship from Iddly Faktory

    Anuradha Karthik

A whole lot of work is still left to be done to be treated women equally as men. By celebrating Women’s Day we are reminding everyone how powerful women are and also how far we still have left to go. It has become necessary to value men and women’s contribution equally be it at home or at workplace.

  • Ms. Nikita Anand, Former Miss India Universe, Actor & Anchor and Spokesperson of NGO, Dhyan Foundation. 

    Nikita Anand

What we know as gender equality today is a concept beautifully explained by the Vedic seers ages ago. Creation is the union of Shiv and Shakti, where a woman is the fuel and man the vehicle. Shiv and Shakti together form a whole. Therefore both are important. Speaking of women’s day, Shakti should be respected everyday, and not just on one designated day of the year.

There is a wonderful Vedic saying, ‘Where women are worshiped, there the gods dwell.’  During the Vedic times, women were given the highest regard. It is said, “A woman must be honoured and adorned by their fathers, brothers, husbands, and brothers‑in‑law, who desire their own welfare. Where women are honoured, there the gods are pleased.

  • Belgian Tea Sommelier Neetu Sarin of Tea of Life

    Belgian Tea Sommelier Neetu Sarin of Tea of Life

Although we are striving for equality, women still have a long way to go. So Women’s Day is important as a reminder of this struggle and for those who have achieved some level of equality to keep fighting for our less fortunate sisters.The biggest hurdle is still the mindset of many men and women.

We must bring up our daughters and sons as equals. No difference. Same values, same opportunities, same rules! We must stop using cliched phrases (‘Boys will be boys’. ‘ Behave like a girl’ etc)

  • Ms. Sanjhi Rajgarhia, Co- Founder of


Some might call it a gimmick and yes, there is excessive commercialization however, it’s all towards the common goal of sensitization and making much of women. On women’s day, we need to raise awareness of not just women achievers but also of their methods, trials and hurdles such that there is an understanding on what a woman deals with. I believe that each time a man takes one step forward to achieve a goal, a woman has to take one step and leap a hurdle to reach the same point because of gender based difficulty and opposition.

“There are some people who still feel threatened by strong women. That’s their problem. Not mine.” Gloria Allred


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