Celebrate Holi in Desi Divas Style, with these delectable offerings!

Holi, a celebration marking arrival of Spring, is the festival of colours and pure fun. While the day fills you in splash of red, pink, orange and green, no Indian festival is complete without devouring in festive treats. So, let’s explore few great spots to indulge in the colorful and cheerful celebrations in Mumbai, Delhi &Bangalore dishing out some unique delicacies themed around the festivity of the Holi.


amuse bouche of thandai sphere, milk & saffron reduction (Masala Library....jpg

Amuse Bouche at Masala Library BKC

  1. JiggsKalra, from the house of Massive Restaurants. At Masala Library, BKC, serve Thandai as an amuse bouche. Thandai at Masala Library, BKC: Their take on the popular Indian drink, Thandai, served in the form of a sphere with saffron milk, as an amuse bouche.

Dragon Breath Poppers at Ice Cream Factory, Bandra

  1. After a session of spiked Thandai and samosas, you can visit Ice Cream Factory at Carter Road, Bandra to try fascinating Dragon Breath Poppers. Once you pop
    Thandai Kulfi.jpg

    Thandai Kulfi at Shahi Durbar, Bandra

    this delight, you quite feel like a dragon!

  1. Celebrate Holi with Shahi Durbar’s Thandai offerings in Carter Road, Bandra West. With laughter, excitement and lot’s of colors, you can enjoy your Thandai in the forms of Kulfi and Milkshakes. ThandaiKulfi starts at Rs. 60/- and Thandai Milkshake for Rs. 90/-.


  1.  BarShalathey are known for its uniqueness campaigns & offerings, has come
    Vodka Shikanji.jpg

    Vodka Shikanji at BarShala, Delhi

    with uniquely crafted menu #Ghul-Mil. “Ghul-Mil” feature three special drinks ; the first one is Vodka Thandai, followed by Vodka Shikanji and Whisky Thandai. The special menu on offer is available across BarShala outlets (East of Kailash, Janakpuri, Kadkarduma and New Delhi at pocket-friendly rates at Rs.160, Rs. 160 & Rs.220 respectively.

  1. Royal China, Eros Corporate Tower, Nehru Place
     offers special menu to celebrate Holi.The Menu includes Chocolate Mousse, Cinnamon & Chilly Martini with Smoking Strawberry Martini, Crispy Honey Lotus Stem and San Bei Chicken. Step into Royal China and let your gastronomic whims come alive amidst the amazing ambience and let pamper you with a generous garnish of culinary delight! The offers valid till 15thFebruary 2017 from 7.00 to 11.45 PM and price per meal Rs. 1,788 /-


12th Main @ Grand Mercure Bangalore (3).jpg

Gujiya at Grand Mercure, Bangalore

With the imminence of the festival of colors and the most boisterous occasion Holi, 12th Main at Grand Mercure, Bangalore is hosting a special buffet on 13th March 2017 from 12pm to 3pm and the price Rs.899/- plus applicable taxes. With dedicated music for the festival, guests can enjoy special counters of, Thandai and Chaat and festive dishes including Gujiya, Namak Pare, Phirni and much more.


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