Tea Villa Café – Bandra Review

Last weekend TDD bumped into some amazing food in Bandra West, Mumbai. If you are approaching from Bandra station, you wouldn’t miss it! Located right opposite the junction, in the hustle bustle of shopping street at Hill Road, the restaurant stands prominently at one end of the never ending street vendors.


While curious shoppers toss piles of colourful garments, and vendors attract passersby with their typical marketing promos – hundred hundred, teen sou teen sou (300, 300) on the bright sunny afternoon, TDD were exhausted from their shopping spree and just wanted to relax in some nice place AC too-funny … now TDDs were in Bandra at Hill road… but later on that!


So we have been at Tea Villa Café in Vile Parle earlier hence, already knew what was on the offer. Those who have been there knows it would be a sin not to order its waffle…so that was already locked, after all we were accompanied by a junior and we had to reward him for all his patience throughout the shopping.

The restaurant is uber chic modern café style restaurant with wide range of beverages – cold & hot as well as a good extensive menu serving a mix of cuisines  – there are sliders, Pizzas, Risottos, Sandwiches, Salads, Pasta, Soups, Sizzlers, Fondues, Dimsums and much more. The dessert menu is to die for, we would go to this place again and again just to savour on one at a time.


We picked the regular dining table style seating… Remember the junior. However, there were the high-seatings, comfortable sofa seats, desk counter ones, etc. The major attention calling of this outlet was the black lady statue covered in cups deco. Well, we wouldn’t say that they have been extremely creative in the décor, as with pool of café restaurants popped up in the recent past across the city, more or less they are resorting to foolproof interiors of blackboard and white chalk style menu board all over the walls, with Tea Gyaan put up at random places, cups arranged dramatically, the latest English numbers playing in the background and servers in their black aprons, smiling and suggesting their signature dishes. But again there’s nothing wrong with being typical unless you are of course one of those types who thinks everything good is actually not that good.

After being seated and a quick scan of the menu we placed our order for Mini Burgers, make your own pasta – Penne with Mix Sauce topped with black olives, mushrooms, broccoli and baby corn and for dessert, we asked for Chocolate Waffle.


The three sliders in Mini Burger dish were fancy looking dish but lacked punch. We couldn’t taste any spices, sauces, crunch and the patty was dry without any flavour. However, the Thai sweet chilli sauce served with it came to a rescue and after making sure we dipped ever single bite into it, we were able to finish them.


Next on our table came the steaming pasta dish, served with two slices of garlic bread. The dish was absolutely flawless, except we asked for black olives in our ‘Make You Own Pasta’ and they never put any. After addressing the issue to the server, she was quick on fixing the problem by getting them on the side, but by the time they came in, we were almost done with the dish. The penne was al dente loathed in a right consistency and quantity of sauce, toppings were fresh and adequate. Mix sauce was a combination of white and red. I personally admire the restaurants who care to put this on offer, after all, what’s the harm if you can have best of both! Garlic bread was perfectly toasted.


Last, but top of the list was the dessert, which looked gorgeous and tasted absolutely divine. Warm waffles, perfect crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside, loaded with fine quality dark, milk and white Belgian chocolate sauce with chocolate chips. If this wasn’t enough, the extra sauce is also served on the side, so you can keep adding more as you continue digging into it. Every morsel was a celestial experience of chocolate heaven. TDD were happy and Junior was on cloud nine.


Overall, the portions were moderate and prices are a bit steep. But, this place has some amazing food on offer with quick service and helpful staff. We would recommend Tea Villa Café – Bandra for quick lunch and blissful desserts.


  • Create your own Pasta- Penne: Rs. 375/-
  • Mini Burger : Rs. 225/-
  • Chocolate Loaded Waffle : Rs. 225/-

Rating: 4/5


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