TDD’s Bandra Hill Road Haul!

Hello Shoponistas!

As mentioned in our earlier post, in Tea Villa Café review, we bring you the rundown of TDD’s shopping day out in Bandra – Mumbai one the most popular street shopping street – Hill Road.


The experience for me was quite nostalgic given the fact I went to college in Bandra, I have fun memories of walking down the lanes for hours browsing through latest fashion and indulging in impulsive shopping. The times change, as now my shopping decisions are well thought and planned, proved by the very fact I am visiting this place after five to six years, almost.


So on a bright sunny day, we reached the Hill Road, one of the most popular for its series of footwear and garment shops. The vendors constantly calling at passersby with sales and discount promotions.  You would find all the styles in latest footwear fashion, the canvas sneakers in multiple colours and prints, the trending white sneakers, strappy flats, funky pumps, gladiators, and stilettos. You name it they have it. However, depending on the past experiences I can say if you are looking for quality comfort and long life, this place is not to shop at, but if you like changing trends every few months and ok with a minor discomfort in the first few wears, look no further.


So we were here for some artificial jewellery, and we particularly spotted this shop Riddhi Art Jewellery at one junction. The shop had the largest artificial earrings collection we have seen till date. Studs, tops, drops, hoops, jhumkhas, danglers, in every colour possible. If you are an earring lover, the sight is simply overwhelming and you can either end up picking-up many more than you intended to or spend hours and hours browsing without realizing that it’s time for closing.

Some of the stuff we picked up. Price range Rs.100/- to Rs. 150/- each items

In the middle of the scorching sun, we were dehydrated and refreshed ourselves with our very own Ganna Juice (Sugarcane Juice)…. What a relief!!


Verdict: If you love keeping pace with trend without splurging, Hill Road can be a great place to shop. If you are finicky about fit, quality and comfort, we would say stick to the accessories shopping only – scarves,nail polishes, handbags, funky chunky jewelry. This street has abundance of everything, you just need the time and energy to browse and bargain. … yup, start negotiating at the half price of what they quoted, reach somewhere in the middle, be merry!

Bandra Hill Road Street Shopping: 3/5


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