Superstar, not a Superhuman

As the nation woke up to the news of the death of its Superstar Sridevi, immediately internet was flooded with speculations around her death. At first, starting out with her surgical procedures and extreme medications to talking about her stressful diet. The circus of 24 hours news channels continued, where some media houses stooping to the level of talking about her past relationships, affairs, the conflict around her marriage with Boney Kapoor and her interactions with her contemporaries, etc.

The media reporting went from bad to worse when the Dubai government stated the cause of death was an accidental drowning, after falling unconscious in her bathtub. This immediately triggered speculations and criticism on the lives the celebrities live. Once again social platforms flooded with messages of her being alcoholic, or being drunk at the moment, or unconscious due to a drug overdose.


Such a talented actress who has never failed to entertain us with her finesse and performance, her charismatic presence on screen, the roles she played so convincingly and her mesmerizing beauty, her decades of hard work, dedication and at last it all came down to people judging her on the day she breadth her last. I don’t remember listening to any such critical remarks about her during her long existence in the industry. We loved her, we couldn’t take our eyes off the screen when she was on it, we praised her performances and waited for her new films. We always had so much positive to talk about her.

Although she was a flawless performer, she wasn’t superhuman. She was as normal a human as we all are, with our flaws, with bad choices like we all make. Yes, she might have made wrong decisions (if we are judging they were wrong), she might have chosen to be selfish for choosing her happiness over anyone else’s (again if we are deciding that it is), and she might have had her fears (but we all have them, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of being judged), and she might have had her priorities in place (isn’t that a sign of a strong individual?) and all other things that we all humanbeings do. But despite of all this, she came across as a woman of class, a responsible mother, and a loving wife.


We can’t agree more how we wanted to see more of her films, her performances, her comic nuances, her dancing talents, once again on the big screen. But sadly, her precious life is lost, for the reason not clearly known to anyone. And in these five days from her death to until she was cremated, the entire negative talks around what could have been the cause of her death, is it all that she has earned? If she has ever been able to make us laugh or inspired us to dance on her songs, or look in the mirror and say her dialogues, or sing her songs in the bathroom, to the least we can do is forget about how she died, and remember how she lived! An abundance of talent and grace- Sridevi, for there will never be another.



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