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The Desi Divas!!!

We are divalicious on the outside and desis in the inside. What is different? … well, that is for you to find out, but all we can say is, we are much more happening and fun!

We are mix of experiences, stuffs and tit bits that can get you hooked up in an instant. Our motto is to keep you updated on the latest trends, products and happenings in the world of fashion & Lifestyle, health & Fitness, travel, art & culture, beauty, etc etc while giving an honest, no-holds-barred reviews and loads of tips and tricks to keep you looking and feeling desi divalicious!

You are welcome to explore and find your interest, find The Desi Diva in you, with us! So, keep reading… and keep writing to us about what you want to read! Our email address is desidivas2015@gmail.com Or drop by and chat with us on our social media handles, but don’t forget to like/follow our page. 🙂

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