Superstar, not a Superhuman

As the nation woke up to the news of the death of its Superstar Sridevi, immediately internet was flooded with speculations around her death. At first, starting out with her surgical procedures and extreme medications to talking about her stressful diet. The circus of 24 hours news channels continued, where some media houses stooping to … Continue reading Superstar, not a Superhuman

TDD Brings You the Top 5 Anti-ageing Treatments to try in 2018

Despite the fact it is important to base our diet around super foods to maintain the youthfulness of our skin, giving into today’s stressful life, air pollution, harmful cosmetic products and many other reasons, it is also essential to protect and care for it externally. 

TDD’s 10 must do things when in Udaipur

This winter we travelled to India’s very own ‘City of Lakes - Udaipur. The royal regal destination with old architecture at every corner and heritage buildings, takes you back to an era of emperors and Muhgals. The entire city comprises of monuments and sights that attracts thousands and lakhs of tourists from all over country and abroad each year.

Up your Style Game with TDD’s Party Wear List

Christmas is in the air, and New Year is approaching quick. Its time to shop for your best dress of the year, after all what’s the fun in bidding adieu in the same old stuff. TDD brings you some of the best carefully picked party wear for this Christmas and New Year parties. Happy Shopping!

TDD’s winter top 5 product list skin and hair care products

If you are planning to go on a vacay somewhere, better be aware that its cold out there, and if not, it is still cold in here! Don’t let the harsh weather take away the suppleness of your skin or shine of those beautiful locks. Beat it with TDD’s power list of skin-care products.